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Value Proposition

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Voice for Pros will provide you with the tools to speak to more people who want your service!

We have a proven track record of helping businesses re-think how they connect to new opportunities.


Our 10 Step Road map to maximize your profitability window!

Step 1

We will give your Sales Team & CSR's the ability to quickly live answer calls which deliver business

Step 2

We will assign your clients VIP status, directly routing them to your client dedicated staff

Step 2

We will assign your clients VIP status, directly routing them to your client dedicated staff

Step 3

We will search & find new prospect calls, assign them with VIP status as well, and hyper rout them to your sales team; perhaps to your best available sales person.

Step 4

We will target and eliminate Robo Calls.

Step 5

We will target and attack Cold Calls.

Step 6

We will deflect and/or redirect non-essential calls such as vendors, technicians, and employees away from your key answer staff.

Step 7

We will create fail safe call handling measures

a. During peak call times, we will establish hold thresholds and re-distribute waiting calls appropriately 

b. We can immediately alert you of any prospect call that disconnected before reaching your sales team

Step 8

We can provide an Automated Outbound Assistant that will free up your staff to be able to speak to more people wanting your service,

by taking over standard calling chores such as:

1. Appointment Confirmations

2. Collections

3. Contract Renewals

Step 9

We can provide you with a detailed reporting tool that will track not just call activity, but connection and better revenue activity. Better reporting creates better performance which results in more sales revenue.

Step 10

We will establish direct paths for after hours prospect & sales calls. Eliminating missed requests for your service.

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As your trusted partner, Voice for Pros will work with you, and stay with you, every step of the way to maximize your business opportunities and minimize client attrition.

We can help you make your staff more efficient and productive, while reducing the need to add additional staffing.

We guarantee your satisfaction and your ability to continue

to grow your business!

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