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Outbound Dialer

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Does your staff still make repetitive customer calls?

Let our Assistant help you easily reach out to your clients

Automate & Simplify Efforts!

Our Outbound Dialer:

  • Sends the Texts

  • Makes the Dials

  • Detects Live Answer or Voicemail

  • Direct Connects to your Staff, Plays Message or Disconnects    MOST IMPORTANTLY sends anyone that wants to speak to your right back to your staff

Common Uses:

  • Collection Calls

  • Contract Renewals

  • Current Client Up-sells

  • Dormant Client Revival

But Don't STOP there!

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engage with your clients

Steps to a Strategic Client Marketing Engagement Plan:


Appointment Confirmations

with "Press 1" Rescheduling


Post Appointment

Dissatisfaction Alerts


Review Requests

to Satisfied Customers


  • "Press 1" Option: Customers can immediately be transferred to the appropriate individual or department​

  • Live Answer Detection with ability to direct connect to a staff member​

  • Answering Machine Detection with ability to leave alternate message​

  • Make Campaigns Unique by Controlling Outbound Caller ID's​

  • Professional Voice-Over talent to record messages​

  • Schedule Campaign start time & call rate​

  • Predictive Power Preview Modes​

  • Text to speech insertions​

  • Seasonal Licensing 

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  • Customers have Text Back option to immediately converse with appropriate in individual or department 

  • Interactive SMS from your Business Telephone Number(s)​

  • Schedule Campaign start time & call rate

  • Custom Date and Time Insertions 

The call from our dialer will be made within the next few business days during the hours of 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday.

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